C.G.O.L.F: Is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible. We are making changes for the children in Haiti. For more update information about our children please follow us on Facebook “The Children’s Garden of Love and Faith

2017/2018 school sponsor

school sponsers

If CGOLF have the opportunity to give you the world, the angel’s wings, and the key to heaven when you are ready, you didn’t have to ask. Thank you again to all of you for making this possible, all our babies and many other children in the village now have their school uniforms, their whole school year  tuitions for the year 2017/2018  all paid for, their parents don’t have to worry about how and where they are going to get the money to pay for the school year, and the children don’t have to worry about sending back home from school for non payments, how embarrassing that can be especially for the oldest children. Seeing the little ones wearing their school’s uniforms for the first time, just priceless. “So those who are last now will be first then, and those who are first will be last.”Matthew 20:16
Thank you to all of the angels on earth. Just priceless, they deserve to shine, yes they deserve a better future.

Education is a gift of lifetime; unfortunately not all children receive this gift in Haiti.   Many children spend their childhood doing domestic service for other people just to get a meal for the day, because their family can not afford to feed them. Most of the time they get abused and mistreated in many ways. We need your help to give these children a brighter future, in order to achieve their potential. School will start in September in Haiti, we need your support to send our children in the orphanage back to school and the other children under our care who do not live in the orphanage because of lack of space since the girls are sharing one room for now. Here are the children we need your help with first, after all our children get sponsor , more children from the village are waiting to be added to the list so they can have the chance to receive the opportunity to read and write their names unlike their parents. We are praying that all our children get sponsor. For only $50 to $100 for the whole school year we can make a different in a child life, they can go to school to better themselves instead of domestic service. Our children are so blessed that CGOLF did not let them experience the life of domestic service in Haiti; please help us continue to make these children shine. The cost per child depends on the school and grade, if you can not sponsor the whole amount right now a partial or a monthly donation  will appreciated.    Thank you in advance.

Your $50 to $100 donation will help us;

 Pay tuitions for the whole year.

Purchase their uniforms

Purchase books

Lab fee for the 5th graders

And all accessories like shoes, hair supplies, socks, etc.. 

We are non-profit organization making changes for the children in Haiti

CGOLF is a registered 501(c)3. 100% of charitable gifts are tax deductible

Please contact Dadline 561-251-5224 for more information