C.G.O.L.F: Is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible. We are making changes for the children in Haiti. For more update information about our children please follow us on Facebook “The Children’s Garden of Love and Faith

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CGOLF is a registered 501(c)3. 100% of charitable gifts are tax-deductible

Dear Potential Sponsor,Thank you so much for your interest in The Children’s Garden of Love and Faith, we are a non-profit organization making changes for the children in Haiti. We appreciate everyone’s support and caring for the children of the Village of Villaceau, Haiti.   By being a personal sponsor,  and with your generous support we are able to continue our mission by providing our children in the orphanage a place to call home, education, food, medical needs and security and also raising them as little believers to Jesus our savior and Christian.  We have also reached out to the children and adult in the village and have touched many lives with gifts of school supplies, toys, formula, diapers and provisions. We need your help, please consider becoming a monthly sponsor for our new, first and only orphanage in a village name Villaceau in Saint Louis Dur Nord, Northern part of Haiti. Haiti is a country in need, which make it more challenge, since we are the first and only orphanage in Villaceau, our services are in great demand. We have numerous children in Villaceau and the surrounding area, waiting to be blessed by our care. Unfortunately, no matter how hard that is, we can only reach so far, to a small amount of children due to lack of funds. We are small, but we have big dreams and plan to grow bigger as we get more sponsors and support.

Thank you again for all of your help, and trust in our organization, we will not let any of these children down! But we need you to help support them for all of their time on the planet. Our Mission statement: To give each child entrusted in our care, a safe place to live with Peace, Love and Faith and to help each of them to reach their full potential by providing a safe home with loving caregivers, good nourishment, medical care, education and the security of a family to always watch over them.

Please consider becoming a sponsor: Each dollar counts to reach our goal, they all join hands at the end of the day, and little by little we will get there! Also please give others; family, friends and co-worker the opportunity to give a child in need a better future by referring them to our website.


The Children’s Garden of Love and Faith, Inc.

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