C.G.O.L.F: Is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible. We are making changes for the children in Haiti. For more update information about our children please follow us on Facebook “The Children’s Garden of Love and Faith

school year 2020/2021 sponsorship

Once again we would like to say thank you to everyone who continue to sponsor our children education for the past several years. Your donation will help our children fight poverty and have the opportunity for a better future. Last year for the school year 2019/2020 we were able to send 22 children to school.  This year we need your help again to continue to give our children in the orphanage and many other children in Haiti the opportunity to have a brighter future. We currently have 21 students listed and many more are waiting to be added to the list. Unfortunately we have two drop out from our group, our two oldest boys decided to work land like their father since they getting older they need to start providing for themselves, instead of going to school

Many children in Haiti spend their childhood as domestic service so they can get a meal, most of the time, they get abuse and mistreated. We CGOLF believe all children deserve a chance to grow to their full potential, and education is the first step.   We are praying this year all of our children from last year can find a sponsor plus many other children in the village.  The cost per child depends on the school and grade, if you cannot sponsor the whole amount of a child right now a partial or a monthly donation will appreciated.  Thank you in advance Your 110 and up donation will help us;

Pay tuitions for the whole year.

Purchase their uniforms

Purchase books

Lab fee for the 5th and higher graders

And all accessories like shoes, hair supplies, socks, etc.

We are non-profit organization making changes for the children in Haiti CGOLF is a registered 501(c)3. 100% of charitable gifts are tax deductible Please contact Dadline 561-251-5224 for more information


Envenson 1st grade $110 sponsored by Enid & Phil Andrew


Naisa 1st grade $110  sponsored by Jeanette Thompson


Josue 2nd grade $120 sponsored by Marie Shella Moreau and Gayland Francois Meuleman


Katriana 3rd $120 sponsored by Djenane Exceus


Keslene 4th grade $135 sponsored by Enid & Phil Andrew


Rodline 4th grade $120sponsored by Enid & Phil Andrew


Guerlenedine 7th grade $210 partial
($100 sponsored by Marybeth Franzoni

$110 sponsored by Enid & Phil Andrew)



Dieussica 7th grade $225 sponsored by Ronda Greenberg



Dieuvena 11th grade $350
($300 sponsored by Katia Chenet)
$50 still in need


Rosemerland 7th grade $225 sponsored by Yanick Destin


Louvenson 7th grade $225 pending sponsor by Karen Ramos


Vadline 8th grade $235 partial sponsored by Sonia Faustin


 Nathanael $135 partial sponsored by Stacey & Nathan Davis


Stephanie 6th grade $150 partial sponsored by Stephania Mareau


Kally Kindergarden $110 sponsored by Michelle Slate


Wensley 1st grade $110 sponsored by Suzanne McDonough


Tavensley 1st grade $110 sponsored by Suzanne McDonough


Yousline K $110 sponsored by Nicole Boutin Sottile


Erlande 8th grade $235 Sponsored by Mrs. Caroline Engrand


Ansonise 8th grade $235 sponsored by Kathy Stearn


Rosemerline 8th grade sponsored by Mrs. Jessica Loesener $235


Rosena 8th grade $235 sponsored by Ms. Gail & Ms. Janet Beyers


Valencia 8th grade $235 sponsored by Nicole Wingate


Kerry 9th grade $250 sponsored by Mrs. Jessica Loesener


A BIG thank you to all of our sponsors for the school year 2020/2021.  C.G.O.L.F. love all of you so much

Roselande 5th grade sponsored
by Emmanuel Tiluscar with ECM Tax Services